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Contrast toys for infants - how do they affect baby's development?


The infant period is a dynamic time of child development. The toddler tries to learn about the world with the help of various senses. From month to month he understands the surrounding reality better and feels a little more like in his own home. An infant's day resembles a long nap with possible breaks for meals and play. To ensure your child's development, it is worth paying attention to how time passes. Contrast toys can help in spending the waking moments in a valuable way.

. Contrast toys - function .

Like any othera toy - ta contrast version also serves mainly for entertainment. Today's manufacturedmodels sare created in a unique way. They are not onlyto entertain, but also fulfill important developmental and educationale functions. Contrast toys, through the selection of appropriate colors, influence the formation of a child's sense of sight.



Development of the sense of sight through contrast toys.

The process ofseeing in an infant needs to be improved, hence the good news is that specially designed toys can serve this purpose. The choice of these is like supporting the natural development of the child. Pediatricians and developmental psychologists knowwhat challenges an infant faces.His body is nota miniature of an adult. Many organ systems continue to develop long after birth. Interestingly, the newborn sees very little. He perceives mainly strongly contrasting elements of the environment. The ability to distinguish colors is not achieved by the child until around 4 months of age. That's why it's important to supply the toddler with contrast toys, which are sure to stimulate the development of the visual organ and the correct flow of visual information.

. Black and white toys .

Are black and white toys a bad choice for a young child? Not necessarily. So where did this belief come from? The common opinion about toys for the youngest is that they must be shiny and best to be decorated with every color of the rainbow. With knowledge of how children's eyesight works, this myth can be dispelled once and for all. Different colored toys can be poorly seen by a newborn or infant in the first months of life. What can choosing contrast toys do in this situation? It can act as a great stimulator of visual development for a toddler.


Contrast toys for babies .

Contrast toys for a toddler to many may seem quite minimalist. It is worth remembering that they can become an addition to what the baby already has in his room. You can do a quick experiment at home and see which toy catches the baby's attention more. The colorful and bright one? Or is it precisely the black and white one? Strong contrast makes it easier for the toddler to follow the different objects shown with his eyes.This is the first step for the child to then recognize them, and in the near future also name and describe them.

. Contrast toys - types .

Contrast toys are not very different from classic ones. They only have a more intense color combination, zwtypically through the use of black and white. This allows a child who does not have a fully formed sense of sight to perceive various elements of the environment. Models of toys for older children come in a wider color palette, often with the addition of red. They are enriched with intense, deep colors. What contrast toys can you show your toddler? Sample suggestions:

. black and white striped cuddly toy, .
contrast book,.
sensory bite or rattle, .
● sensory mat or foam mat.
cots and pacifier tags,.
. contrast cards,.

Contrast toys for babies


The first twelve months of life are challenging for both the baby and his parents. It is natural to want to give the toddler a proper development and the best possible start. Thanks to extensive knowledge of how toddlers function, it is certain that their eyesight is developing and needs stimulation to do so. This is why zabcontrast toys, although they seem simple, are a great idea for any little one. They can certainly make it easier for him to learn about the world, which is already quite complicated at first glance! You can find quite a few contrast toys in the Montessori toys section of the Noski Noski store.


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