Tickless: tick repellent device for hunters

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Tickless: tick repellent device for hunters - Kidealo

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Tickless: tick repellent device for hunters - Kidealo

Tickless: tick repellent device for hunters


Product information

Revolution in the fight against ticks! This clever little device repels ticks using ultrasound. Tickless emits ultrasonic pulses at 40 kHz that block the Haller organ in ticks. Ticks use it to target the host when the Haller organ is blocked - ticks are unable to hunt effectively.

Tickless is an effective and safe tick repellent for the whole family. The device does not contain harmful chemicals and can be used from day one. The effectiveness of Tickless has been confirmed by laboratory tests carried out at the University of Camerino in Italy, and the device is TUV certified.

Tickless is also certified for use against ticks.

The ultrasound emitted by the device is inaudible and completely harmless to humans and pets. Tickless also works on fleas which have a tick-like organ for tracking prey.

Tickless also works on fleas which have a tick-like organ for tracking prey.

How to use: hang the Tickless Hunter device on clothing using the clip or on a string pulled through a hole in the housing. Make sure the grille in the housing is exposed. Remember not to cover the device - the ultrasound should be able to propagate freely). To start press the button - the LED will flash green 4 times, when pressed again the LED will flash red once and the device will turn off.

Note: the Tickless device repels ticks, but should be treated as an aid. It is not a substitute for a thorough check of clothes and body every time you return from the field.

  • Age: adults
  • Period of use: 3000 hours
  • Has TUV certification